Capt. David Wooley






"David Wooley met his perfect match 33 years ago. Her name was Linda. Then, two years later, he met his perfect match again. That's when he joined the New York City Fire Department. Assigned to Ladder 4 in Midtown, Capt. David Wooley was covering for someone at Engine 54 at 48th Street and Eighth Avenue on Sept. 11. The battalion was in Tower 1 when it fell, his daughter-in-law Jennifer Wooley said the family was told. The 31-year FDNY veteran opted not to retire last year, because "he loves his job," she said. He frequently referred to his fellow firefighters as his second family. He and his wife, Linda, have two children and one grandson. "He really was the most remarkable man in the world," Jennifer Wooley said. "He loved to go to work and he loved to go home." It came as little surprise to friends and family when Wooley decided to call his part-time wallpaper and painting business The Perfect Match. Jennifer Wooley admires the way he cherished his wife, Linda, the pride he took in his children, David Jr., 31, and Stacy, 25, and how he loved his only grandchild, Justin, 3. "He always took time to give everyone a hug and a kiss when they come home," Jennifer Wooley said. "The first time I saw two men kiss each other was when I saw my husband with his father." She said Wooley had been eagerly looking forward to his daughter's upcoming marriage. "You know how there are the fathers who say, 'How much and I'll write the check.' Not him," Jennifer Wooley said. "He had to hear the band, he went to pick out the place. He planned everything." And five weeks after the family's first grandson was born, Jennifer Wooley had to return to the hospital for gallbladder surgery. For two months, Wooley took over primary child-care responsibilities: diapering Justin, feeding Justin, rocking Justin to sleep. "I don't know how many guys do this, but he said, 'Thank you for giving this time with my grandson,' " Jennifer Wooley said. "He was really the all-American man.""

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